Tree Removal


Got a tree that you need out of your way? Our very capable tree removal department at Green Tree will be able to take on your order. Our team of experts has experience with any kind of removal you may need, whether it be a protective removal, an aesthetic removal, or a construction removal.

Getting Started

Going through the removal process can get a little bit tricky, especially for first timers. However, we’ve prepared a short guide for you to get a broad idea of how tree removals work and how to get one. We’ll also be right with you every step of the way to make sure things are going the way you want them to go. Read on down below for our short tree removal guide.

Getting a quote

The first thing that you’ll need to do in the tree removal process is get a quote from us. Since trees vary in size and shape, we charge by a rate instead of a flat fee. This way, you can save money if your tree is just a small one that’s easy to remove.

What you need to do is call us and set up an appointment for us to come out to your property to check out the trees of interest. We have qualified inspectors from tree service OKC who will be able to give you a fair and honest estimate of how much the job is going to cost. This estimate comes free of charge, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re only curious of how much a removal will cost.

Set a removal date

The next and final step is setting a date for the removal. On that date, we’ll come and remove your tree or trees from your property. You can decide ahead of time whether or not you’d like to keep the wood. If you don’t want it, we can haul it away for a small fee.